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50 States: Washington


Washington State (WA) is located in the northwestern corner of the United States, just south of Canada. This state, named after our first President, became our 42nd state on November 11, 1889. Originally inhabited by Native American tribes, the region had been claimed by Spain, Russia, and the British before becoming the Oregon Territory under the control of the United States. In 1853, Congress created the Washington Territory.

The capital of Washington is Olympia, and the largest city is Seattle. Seattle is where Starbucks began. Washington is the 18th biggest state, encompassing 71,303 square miles. As of 2013, there were nearly 7 million people living there, making it the 13th most populous state. People who live in WA are referred to as Washingtonians. Some famous people born there include:

Burl Ives...singer
Bob show host
Glenn and television host
Bing Crosby...singer, actor
Bill Gates...Microsoft co-founder
Apolo Ohno...olympic gold medalist

Washington's nickname is "The Evergreen State," and the motto is "Al-ki." It is a Chinook word which means "by and by" or "hope for the future." Other state symbols include:

Insect...Green darner dragonfly
Fish...Steelhead trout
Flower...Coast rhododendron
Tree...Western hemlock
Vegetable...Walla Walla sweet onion
Fossil...Columbian mammoth

The official flag of Washington was adopted in 1923. The state seal on the flag contains a picture of President Washington.

The coastline of Washington provides for a booming economy. The fishing industry is one of the best in the country with catches of Chinook salmon, pink salmon, clams, cod, halibut, oysters, shrimp, steelhead, tuna, and others. Washington also produces more apples than any other state. It is the second top producer of potatoes. It is also the leading producer of asparagus, hops, mint, cherries, and pears. In terms of manufacturing, Washington is a leader in producing aircraft and ships, as well as in the computer industry.

There are quite a few things to do in Washington. Here is a sampling:

Museum of Flight in Seattle
Tillicum Village in Seattle
Pioneer Farm Museum in Eatonville
Vintage Motorcycle Museum in Chehalis
Pomeroy Living History Farm in Yacolt
Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad in Elbe
Mt. Rainier National Park
Space Needle in Seattle
Olympic National Park in Port Angeles
Pike Place Market to visit the first Starbucks
Columbia River Gorge

One of the most well-known facts about Washington is the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980. Combined with an earthquake, this eruption flattened hundreds of square miles of forest. Do some research on Mt. St. Helens. See what the area looks like now, 34 years later.

Play some learning games and test your knowledge.

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  1. my current home state. I live on the Columbia River Gorge where the Snake River and the Columbia come together. On the eastern side of the state you can visit Fort Walla Walla Museum. and the Sacajawea State Park and interpretive center.

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