Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Great Deal and a Freebie

In honor of Labor Day, A+ TutorSoft is giving away one product - FREE printable addition and subtraction math facts - and 50% OFF the regular price of a one-year Online Interactive Math Curriculum.

Cut out the cards with simple addition and subtraction math facts and match them to the answer cards. Use the star cards to match with the number cards to help youngest students learn numbers 1 - 10. Laminating the cards will prolong their life-span.

The Flash Sale celebrating Labor Day begins at midnight tonight - Monday September 2 - and will run through midnight September 3.

1 Day Only!!!

In addition to only paying 50% of the regular rate, you will receive another 20% off just by using my affiliate code "UNFOLDING" at checkout.  An entire year's worth of online interactive math will cost you just $50.  That is a deal worth celebrating!

Just click on the button below and be sure to enter "UNFOLDING" at checkout.

DISCLAIMER: I am an affiliate with A+ TutorSoft.  If you purchase through the button above, I will receive a commission.