Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unfolding King David

Historical fiction is my favorite genre to read.  I am currently in the middle of three historical fiction books.  I have a hard time finishing them.  Hopefully this summer I will be able to finish at least two of them.  A few months ago I did read a book which I have been wanting to share with you for a while; this one I even finished.  It is called David: The Warrior King.  It was written by David J. Ferreira.

Mr. Ferreira let the reader know at the beginning of his book that he spent a great deal of time researching the life of King David and wrote his book in such a way that he did not take anything away from Scripture.  Obviously when we read the story of King David in the Bible, we are not given a lot of detail.  In the same way most historical fiction books are written, Mr. Ferreira added people and events to allow the story of David's life to flow better as a novel.  He, in no way, was untrue to Scripture.  That which you find in Scripture was also found in his book.

From what I was able to find out, he was only 25 when he wrote David: The Warrior King.  He is an amazing author.  I was riveted from the beginning of this book.  I had trouble putting it down.  He added such great detail that I could actually picture the events in my head as I read it.  There were a lot of scenes of war that were described, so it is not a book suitable for anyone younger than maybe 15 or 16.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want my 13-year-old reading it.  If you are looking for a great historical fiction book to read though, I highly recommend David: The Warrior King.

Unfolding Disappointment

I just received word that I was not selected for a part-time online writing teacher position for which I applied over a month ago.  That position was the main reason why I started this blog.  I'm still waiting for word on the job that required me to have 25 followers.

I am disappointed.  I thought I knew what direction my life was supposed to take.  I have been doing transcription for 13 years, and I am tired of it.  Don't get my wrong.  I am grateful for a job, and I know that falling into transcription all those years ago was a gift from God; but my heart just isn't in it anymore.  I feel like it is time for something new.  I love to write, but maybe I'm just not that good at it.  I certainly don't have enough time to get better at it while having to work 39 hours a week on top of everything else.  Maybe it's just that I wasn't supposed to be a teacher.

Maybe I'm just supposed to be happy with the status quo?  How do we better ourselves or find things we're good at, though, if we never take a chance on something new?  I took a chance.  I feel like I stumbled and now have to bandage my wounds.  I'll pick myself up and move on once I build up some more confidence.  I guess there are plenty of examples of people in this world who failed many, many times but finally succeeded. I am certainly not the first person to face disappointment, so I guess I'll just keep praying about the direction God wants my life to go in.  For every door that is closed, God opens a window.  I'll let you know what happens, if anything.

There is always the Pillsbury Bake-Off million dollar prize!!  LOL