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50 States: South Dakota

South Dakota

South Dakota (SD) became our nation's 40th state on November 2, 1889. The land that would become South Dakota was purchased from the French in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. It was split between the Minnesota Territory and the Nebraska Territory until 1858 when Minnesota became a state. Three years later, on March 2, 1861, it was organized into the Dakota Territory. Due to fear of the Sioux Indians who lived in the Territory, the population increased very slowly until the railroad came and gold was discovered in 1874. On November 2, 1889, the Dakota Territory was split into two states: North Dakota and South Dakota.

The capital is Pierre, and the largest city is Sioux Falls. The Sioux were prominent in this territory. The name, Dakota, is what the Sioux called themselves.

South Dakota is 77,184 square miles, making it the 17th largest state. There are more than 833,000 South Dakotans living in this state as of 2012. Some famous people born here include:

Sparky coach
Tom anchor
Sitting Bull...Teton Dakota chief/warrior
Crazy Horse...Oglala Sioux chief/warrior

There have also been several U.S. representatives and some actors born here as well.

South Dakota's nickname is the "Mount Rushmore State." The motto is "Under God the people rule." The old motto was "The Sunshine State," but this was changed in 1992 since Florida is known as The Sunshine State. The state symbols are:

Bird...Chinese ring-necked pheasant
Flower...American pasqueflower
Tree...Black Hills Spruce
Jewelry...Black Hills gold

At least 13 different fossils have been found in South Dakota, including Iguanodon, Pachycephalosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus.

The South Dakota flag was adopted in 1963. It portrays a farmer plowing in his field, a river, forests, a mountain, and a steamboat. The motto is included in the seal, and the nickname, "The Mount Rushmore State," surrounds the lower half of the seal.

There are many interesting things to do in South Dakota. I have supplied links to some of the sites.

Badlands National Park
Black Hills National Forest
Reptile Gardens in Rapid City
Minuteman Missile National Historic Site in Philip
Needles in the Black Hills
Great Plains Zoo
Adams Museum and House in Deadwood
Sitting Bull Crystal Cleaners
National Music Museum in Rapid City
Bramble Park Zoo
South Dakota Air and Space Museum
Black Hills Central Railroad
Fort Meade
Petrified Wood Park in Lemmon
Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo

Choose one or more of the following activities to increase your knowledge of South Dakota:
  1. Research Mount Rushmore—the sculptor, when it was sculpted, who is carved into the mountain, etc.
  2. Wild Bill Hickok was a historical figure who spent time in South Dakota. Research his life and his connection to the state.
  3. Research the discovery of gold in South Dakota.
  4. Research the Crazy Horse Memorial.
  5. How did the Black Hills get their name?
  6. What can you find out about the Prairie Rattlesnake?
  7. What immigrant groups settled in South Dakota?
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