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50 States: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania (PA) is my home state!

Originally inhabited by several different Native American tribes, the land that is, today, Pennsylvania was given to William Penn as a repayment of a debt owed to his father by King Charles II. The colony was named Pennsylvania, meaning "Penn's woods." William Penn had become a Quaker, a religious sect that believed in peace and honesty. Since it was a persecuted religion in England, Penn was eager to have a place where the Quakers could live in peace.

Existing as one of the 13 original colonies, Pennsylvania became the second state on December 12, 1787, just six years after the end of the American Revolution and months after the U.S. Constitution was written. This state is roughly 46,000 square miles in area, making it the 33rd biggest state. As of 2013, there were nearly 12.8 million people living in PA. People who call Pennsylvania home are known as Pennsylvanians.

Since PA, as a colony and then state, has been in existence since the late 1600s quite a few famous people have been born here. There are historical figures, athletes, actors, authors, etc. Consider choosing a few of these people to find out more about them.

Louisa May *
Frankie Avalon...singer
Ethel Barrymore...actress
Joe Biden...Vice President
Guion S. Bluford...astronaut
Nellie Bly...journalist *
Daniel Boone...Explorer *
James Buchanan...U.S. President *
Alexander Calder...sculptor
Bill Cosby...comedian
Jimmy Dorsey...saxophonist *
Tommy Dorsey...trumpet player *
Christopher Ferguson...astronaut
W C, comedian
Stephen Foster...songwriter *
Henry collector, entrepreneur
Robert Fulton...inventor *
Solomon R. Guggenheim...entrepreneur
H.J. Heinz...entrepreneur *
Milton Hershey...entrepreneur *
Billie Holiday...singer
Gene, dancer
Grace Kelly...actress, princess *
Mary Cassatt...painter *
George McClellan...Civil War General *
Margaret Mead...anthropologist
Andrew Mellon...economist
Robert Edwin Peary...explorer *
Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)...minister, television personality
Betsy Ross...folk hero *
Sundance Kid...thief *
Taylor Swift...singer
Andy Warhol...painter
Andrew Wyeth...painter

*These people are quite famous in history and may be some of the people for whom you can find the most information.

Some of the people listed above were instrumental in creating a few of the industries that still drive Pennsylvania's economy. The leading industries in PA are steel production, natural gas and coal, technology, agriculture, tourism, research, and film.

Pennsylvania's nickname is "The Keystone State." It received this nickname because it was the middle colony of the 13 original, and it was key in many economic and political developments in the early history of our nation. The motto is "Virtue, Liberty, and Independence." The motto appears on the state flag along with two draft horses, an eagle, and a shield which depicts a ship, a plow, and three sheaves of wheat. A stalk of corn and an olive branch are below the shield. The flag was adopted in 1907.

The rest of the state symbols are:

Bird...Ruffed grouse
Mammal...White-tailed deer
Insects...Ladybug and firefly
Dog...Great Dane
Fish...Brook trout
Flower...Mountain Laurel
Tree...Eastern hemlock

There are many fun things to do in Pennsylvania, especially since so many historical events have taken place here.

Hersheypark and Hershey's Chocolate World are located Hershey, PA. Take a trolley tour around the town founded by Milton Hershey. Tour a replica of a chocolate plant and learn about the manufacturing process of chocolate, and receive some chocolate!

Go to Philadelphia and see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Philadelphia Museum of Art where Rocky Balboa ran up the stairs, Betsy Ross' House, the U.S. Mint, Ben Franklin's Grave, and the Ben Franklin Museum and Post Office.

Independence Hall
Just west of Philadelphia is Valley Forge where General Washington was headquartered for part of the Revolutionary War.

Washington's Headquarters
North of Philadelphia, you can find the Crayola Factory. It is a fun place to visit, but it should be part of an itinerary that includes other sites in the eastern part of the state.

Visit a number of different amusement parks across the state like Kennywood in Pittsburgh, Hersheypark, Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, Dorney Park in Allentown, and Waldameer in Erie.

Gettysburg National Military Park beckons visitors to learn about the history of the battle that became the turning point in the Civil War. So much of the historic battlefield has been preserved, and there are a number of different ways it can be toured. There are audio tours that have you travel from site to site and learn about the events that took place. You can get out of your car and read the historical information that is available at different spots. You can't help but imagine what it might have been like for the soldiers who fought in this battle.

Devil's Den in Gettysburg
Fallingwater is a Frank Lloyd Wright house built on top of a waterfall in Mill Run that can be toured on a daily basis.

Visit the town of Johnstown which suffered a massive flood on May 31, 1889. There is a museum there that relates the story.

In Pittsburgh, one can see remnants of Fort Pitt which was built after French-controlled Fort Duquesne was burned by the French in the French and Indian War.

Visit Lake Erie and tour a replica of the Flagship Niagara and the Maritime Museum. Learn about Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.

Besides all of these interesting sites, Pennsylvania boasts zoos, aquariums, science museums, art museums, ball parks and fields, ski resorts, national parks, and outlet malls.

Play some learning games and test your Pennsylvania knowledge.

The following items are for sale through I have chosen, this time, to list some non-book items as well. If you purchase any of these items through my blog, I will receive a commission as I am an affiliate.

801831: A Primary Source History of the Colony of Pennsylvania - Unabridged Audiobook on CD A Primary Source History of the Colony of Pennsylvania - Unabridged Audiobook on CD
By G.S. Prentzas & Jay Snyder / Brilliance Audio

Learn about the colony of Pennsylvania, which began in 1681 when King Charles II granted William Penn, a Quaker, sole proprietorship of more than 450,000 acres of North American land. The colony soon offered thousands of European settlers the civil liberties, representative government, and affordable land they wanted, and by 1710, its capital city—Philadelphia—had become the second-largest city in the colonies, after Boston.

Unabridged audio CD; approximately 1 hour 17 minutes; 2 CDs.

495933: Let"s Discover Pennsylvania CD-ROM, Grades 2-8 Let's Discover Pennsylvania CD-ROM, Grades 2-8
By Gallopade International

Interactive CD-ROM with lots of fun facts for kids to learn about their state. Includes: government, state symbols, a timeline, geography, civics, nickname, landmarks, parks, schools, historical places, and more. Each of four sections is completed with a quizzing game and rewards. Also includes a FREE printed reproducible quiz. Grades 2-8.

903109: 13 Colonies: Pennsylvania 13 Colonies: Pennsylvania
By Roberta Wiener & James Arnold / Heinemann Raintree

Where in Pennsylvania was the First Continental Congress held? Who was William Penn? How did the Quakers come to get their name?
Find the answers to these and many other questions in Pennsylvania, a book about one of the original thirteen colonies. Packed with maps, timeline, glossary, index, and sources for further research. Paperback, 64 pages. Ages 9-12.

844864: William Penn: Founder of the Pennsylvania Colony William Penn: Founder of the Pennsylvania Colony
By Coughlan Publishing

96658: William Penn: Founder of Pennsylvania William Penn: Founder of Pennsylvania
By Coughlan Publishing

002836: Heroes of History: William Penn, Liberty and Justice For All Heroes of History: William Penn, Liberty and Justice For All
By Janet & Geoff Benge / Emerald Books

The Heroes of History series chronicles the true stories of fascinating men and women who changed the course of history. In a world where freedoms were subject to the whims of rulers, William Penn worked passionately for religious tolerance. When this Quaker reformer secured a land grant in America, he laid for Pennsylvania a foundation of liberty, justice, fairness, and tolerance that would later guide the drafting of the Constitution of the United States. For ages 10 and up.

492612: We Were There at the Battle of Gettysburg We Were There at the Battle of Gettysburg
By Alida Sims Malkus & Leonard Vosburgh / Dover Publications

In the summer of 1863, Gettysburg was only a sleepy little Pennsylvania town until forces converged upon its fields. Jonathan Blayne and his sister Mary take part in the three-day conflict with a dramatic series of adventures that feature appearances by Lee, Lincoln, and other historical figures.

The We Were There series by Dover Publishing is a reprint of the Grosset & Dunlap books that were originally published in 1956. Bringing history to life through engaging stories, these illustrated tales combine fictional and real-life characters in settings of landmark events from the past.

176 pages, softcover. Original pen-and-ink illustrations. Grade 4 & up.

603051: Gamble for Victory: Battle of Gettysburg Gamble for Victory: Battle of Gettysburg
By Dan Abnett, Dheeraj Verma / Osprey

See the Battle of Gettysburg in a whole new way with this graphic novel. Featuring graphic illustrations that depict the ferocious fight for supremacy between the Northern Union Army and the Southern Confederate Army. Based on true accounts, this graphic novel includes real photographs, paintings, maps, and more information on the main players of the battle.

Please note: battle scenes may be too graphic for young readers. Parents should review first.

9181X: Landmark Books: Gettysburg Landmark Books: Gettysburg
By MacKinlay Kantor / Random House, Inc

The Landmark Book Series is revered for its simple storytelling style that's packed with historical information. Read of the fateful battle of Gettysburg, its major players, and the aftermath that spawned the Gettysburg Address. 149 pages, softcover. Grades 6 & up.

469150: Gettysburg Address FlashCharts Gettysburg Address FlashCharts
By Kerrie Baldwin / Flash Kids

462868: What Was the Battle of Gettysburg? What Was the Battle of Gettysburg?
By Jim O'Connor, John Mantha(Illustrator) & James Bennett(Illustrator) / Grosset & Dunlap

459365: I Survived #7: I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863 I Survived #7: I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863
By Lauren Tarshis / Scholastic Trade

Eleven-year-old Thomas and his 5-year-old sister Birdie have run away from the farm where they were born and raised as slaves. As they head north for freedom, they cross paths with a Union solder, and everything changes as they are brought back to the soldier's regiment and are marching with the army. But when the men are called to battle in Pennsylvania, will Thomas manage to survive the bloodiest battle in American history.

419878: Boys of Wartime: Will at the Battle of Gettysburg Boys of Wartime: Will at the Battle of Gettysburg
By Laurie Calkhoven / Puffin

Twelve-year-old Will has always wanted to be a drummer for the Union Army, but now the Confederate rebels have occupied his hometown of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, making Will wonder if he is ready for battle. When he is given an important task from a Union colonel, will he risk his life? A fictional account based upon the experiences of two real-life individuals.

181667: Gettysburg: Director"s Cut, Blu-ray/DVD/Book Set Gettysburg: Director's Cut, Blu-ray/DVD/Book Set
By Warner Home Video

Marking the 150th-anniversary commemoration of the Civil War, Ronald F. Maxwell's acclaimed film now arrives in a Director's Cut featuring 17 minutes of compelling additional footage. Filmed at actual battle locations and full of authentic details, this rousing and soulful movie plunges you into the heat of the bloodiest battle fought on American soil. History comes alive with intense and spirited battles as well as the dilemmas, motivations, and fears of the leaders. Tom Berenger, Jeff Daniels, Martin Sheen, and Stephen Lang star in this magnificent epic based on Michael Shaara's Pulitzer Prize-winning The Killer Angels. This commemorative edition also features a 48-page book with photos, cast bios, production notes, Civil War timeline, and more! Rated PG. Approx. 271 minutes.

Disc 1 (Blu-ray*):
  • Extended Director’s Cut (1080p HD)
  • Commentary by Director/Screenwriter Ronald F. Maxwell, Cinematographer Kees Van Oostrum, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author James M. McPherson, and Military Historian Craig Symonds
  • English and Spanish audio
  • English, French, and Spanish Subtitles
  • Widescreen
Disc 2 (DVD):
  • 3 Featurettes:
    • The Making of Gettysburg
    • On Location
    • Vintage Oscar® Nominee The Battle of Gettysburg
  • Battlefield Maps
  • Theatrical Trailer
*Blu-ray discs can't be played on standard DVD equipment. A Blu-ray player is needed.

112440: Andrew Carnegie Andrew Carnegie
By David Nasaw / Penguin Putnam Inc.

Born of modest origins in Scotland in 1835, Andrew Carnegie is best known as the founder of Carnegie Steel. His rags to riches story has never been told as dramatically and vividly as in Nasaw's new biography. For all that he accomplished and came to represent to the American public—a wildly successful businessman, peace activist, philanthropist, man of letters, and unabashed enthusiast for American democracy and capitalism—Carnegie has remained, to this day, an enigma. Nasaw explains how Carnegie made his early fortune and what prompted him to give it all away, how he was drawn into the campaign against American involvement in the Spanish-American War, and how he used his friendships with presidents and prime ministers to work for international peace. With a trove of new material, Nasaw plumbs the core of this fascinating and complex man, placing his life in cultural and political context as only a master storyteller can.

107104: Philadelphia 1000 Piece Puzzle Philadelphia 1000 Piece Puzzle
By Masterpieces Puzzle Company

212289: Journey Around Philadelphia from A to Z Journey Around Philadelphia from A to Z
By Martha Day Zschock / Applewood Books

8645EB: Louisa May Alcott: A Personal Biography - eBook Louisa May Alcott: A Personal Biography - eBook
By Susan Cheever / Simon & Schuster

8090EB: Little Women: From the Original Publisher - eBook Little Women: From the Original Publisher - eBook
By Louisa May Alcott / Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

192413: Little Women Little Women
By Louisa May Alcott / Penguin Putnam Inc.

Little Women is one of the best loved books of all time. Lovely Meg, talented Jo, frail Beth, spoiled Amy learn hard lessons of poverty and of growing up in New England during the Civil War. Through their dreams, plays, pranks, letters, illnesses, and courtships, women of all ages have become a part of this remarkable family and have felt the deep sadness when Meg leaves the circle of sisters to be married at the end of Part I. Part II chronicles Meg's joys and mishaps as a young wife and mother, Jo's struggle to become a writer, Beth's tragedy, and Amy's artistic pursuits and unexpected romance. Based on Louise May Alcott's childhood, this lively portrait of nineteenth-century family life possesses a lasting vitality that has endeared it to generations of readers. 544 pages, cloth-bound hardcover with ribbon-marker.

360213: Little Women Little Women
By Louisa May Alcott / Collector's Library

Louisa May Alcott's Little Women follows the five March sisters—independent Jo, loving Beth, pretty Meg, and precocious Amy—as they grow up in domestic harmony. This volume includes Little Women Part Two and Good Wives.
655 pages, hardcover with dust jacket. Collector's Library Edition. Gold gilded edges with ribbon marker. 6.25" x 4" x 2".

855730: Nellie Bly: A Name to Be Reckoned with Nellie Bly: A Name to Be Reckoned with
By Stephen Krensky & Rebecca Guay(ILLUS) / Aladdin

476903: Daniel Boone"s Own Story & The Adventures of Daniel Boone Daniel Boone's Own Story & The Adventures of Daniel Boone
By Daniel Boone & Frances Lister Hawkes / Dover Publications

Launched into American myth and folklore within his own lifetime, Daniel Boone led a life that would eventually be seen as representing the spirit of Manifest Destiny. This two-part tale begins with a brief profile by Boone, himself, covering his deeds in Kentucky from 1769-1784. The second part chronicles his life from cradle to grave, including the accounts of his capture and adoption by the Shawnee and his service as a militiaman during the Revolutionary War. 126 pages, softcover.

802859: Sticker Art Shapes: Alexander Calder Sticker Art Shapes: Alexander Calder
By Sylvie Delpech & Caroline Leclerc / Frances Lincoln

Read and learn about the life and work of artist Alexander Calder with this innovative book. Read about his life, study some of his famous pieces, and then try to recreate them yourself with stickers. Want to be original? Be creative and design your very own masterpiece instead. Includes 6 sheets of reusable stickers so you can recreate (or create) masterpieces of your own.

680547: Robert Fulton Robert Fulton
By Lola M. Schaefer, Gail Saunders-Smith / Pebble Books

Simple text and photographs present the life of Robert Fulton and his contributions to transportation.

5569X: Milton Hershey Milton Hershey
By M.M. Eboch / Aladdin

Before Milton Hershey began making chocolate, he was a boy who was forced to drop out of school and get a job in an ice cream parlor. Milton Hershey didn't start off a success. He had to work hard and constantly practice in order to perfect his candy recipes. Despite all the challenges thrown at him, he worked hard and founded one of the most famous chocolate candy companies in the world!

479363: Who Was Milton Hershey? Who Was Milton Hershey?
By Jim Buckley & Ted Hammond(Illustrator) / Grosset & Dunlap

096828: Milton Hershey: More Than Chocolate Milton Hershey: More Than Chocolate
By Janet Benge & Geoff Benge / Emerald Books

The Heroes of History series chronicles the true stories of fascinating men and women who changed the course of history.

Despite comparisons to his wandering father, Milton Hershey never gave up. Learning from his mistakes, he spent a lifetime creating sweet things to eat—first caramel, then chocolate. As his company soared, Milton used his wealth to care for others, founding a town for Hershey workers, a school for children in need, and a foundation dedicated to education, culture, and healthcare. For ages 10 and up.

860003: Milton Hershey Unit Study Cirriculum Guide CD Milton Hershey Unit Study Cirriculum Guide CD
By Janet Benge & Geoff Benge / Emerald Books

This unit-study CD-ROM accompanies the sold-separately Heroes of History: Milton Hershey. Perfect for homeschoolers, students, or teachers, one can easily print off student projects and activity sheets. This unit study includes the curriculum unit study guide; instructions for classroom, homeschool, or group use; a biographical sketch; and more.
Unit Study elements include "Student Explorations" (writing assignments and hands-on projects), social studies activity sheets on geography and history, Scripture memorization, devotional applications, community links (service projects & field trips), and related cross-curricular themes to explore. A final project that includes displays, presentations, or era-based activities is also included. Ages 10 & up.

System Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium II 450 MHz or faster processor or equivalent
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 64 MB of VRAM
  • 800 x 600 SVGA display capabilities, 16-bit soundcard
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • PowerPC G3 500 Mhz or faster processor or Intel Core Duo 1.33 or faster processor
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 800 x 600 SVGA display capabilities, 16-bit soundcard
  • CD-ROM Drive
57874: George B. McClellan: The Disposable Patriot George B. McClellan: The Disposable Patriot
By Michael McHugh / Christian Liberty Press

General George B. McClellan is one of the most complex and controversial figures in American history. This study traces the military exploits of the first commander of the Northern armies and examines his character and religious convictions. Readers will discover why McClellan risked his career, his family's security, his reputation, and his life to preserve the Union and the God given liberties of its citizens. Photographs and illustrations included. 208 pages, softcover.

421206: Betsy Ross: Designer of Our Flag Betsy Ross: Designer of Our Flag
By Ann Weil / Aladdin

One of the most popular series ever published for young Americans, these classics have been praised alike by parents, teachers, and librarians. Ages 8-12.

862011: Betsy Ross and the American Flag Betsy Ross and the American Flag
By Coughlan Publishing

Action-packed non-fiction, the graphic library series present the stories of history in high-interest, graphic novel format. The story of Betsy Ross' marriages, sewing shop, account of making the first flag, and life after she retired is all recounted in pictures and captions. Index, glossary, and "more information" fact page are included. 32 pages, softcover. 4th Grade reading level.

01777X: Prayer at Valley Forge Sculpture Prayer at Valley Forge Sculpture
By Friberg Fine Art

Dimensional sculpture of "Prayer at Valley Forge" depicts George Washington bowed in prayer, with his horse standing by. Antiqued brasstone detailing on oval base, 5" x 5" x 3.75".
Acknowledging his divine source of strength as portrayed by artist Arnold Friberg in bestselling painting of the same name, George Washington as the father of our country and the first US President is an inspirational model of prayer and dependence on God.
Prayer: I consider it an indispensable duty to close this last solemn act of my official life by commending the interests of our dearest country to the protection of the almighty God and those who have the superintendence of them into his holy keeping.
Boxed with descriptive details; on the underside of the base is certificate of authenticity and additional information on the importance of this collectible sculpture. Boxed for giving.

24612X: The Prayer at Valley Forge--Framed Art The Prayer at Valley Forge--Framed Art
By Arnold Friberg / Carpentree, Inc
Price $169.99.
Bestselling and beloved Prayer at Valley Forge portrays George Washington kneeling in prayer, framed in 29.5" x 24.5" wood frame with metallic finish and bead accent trim, features plate with the prayer engraved on it.
The Prayer at Valley Forge." I consider this an indispensable duty to close this last solemn act of my official life by commending the interest of our dearest country to the protection of Almighty God and those who have the superintendence of them into his holy keeping." George Washington.
At the top the remainder of the prayer is scripted on blue star-spangled border design:"The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own. . . . The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. . . . Let us therefore rely on the goodness of the cause and the aid of the Supreme Being, in whose hands victory is, to animate and encourage us to great and noble actions."---General order issued by General Washington, July 2, 1776.
Bold banner on star backdrop In God we trust. Display in your home, office, library, school, or church. Price $169.99.

301491: Remember Valley Forge: Patriots, Tories, and Spies Tell Their Stories Remember Valley Forge: Patriots, Tories, and Spies Tell Their Stories
By Thomas B. Allen / National Geographic Children's Books

A teenage recruit's diary, a camp doctor's vivid chronicle, and other primary source materials bring to life one of America's most amazing survival stories. Kids learn how the Continental Army overcame hunger, disease, treachery, and more. Features a fast-moving text, archival images, detailed maps, a timeline, and an index. Ages 9 to 12. 64 pages, hardcover from National Geographic Children's Books.

862127: Winter at Valley Forge Winter at Valley Forge
By Coughlan Publishing

Read the story of Valley Forge like you never have before! Re-envisioned as a graphic novel, this action-packed non-fiction book will appeal to even those typically non-enthusiastic about reading and history. Vividly illustrated with historical notes providing context, the dramatic events of Valley Forge are captured in a format for a new generation of readers. 32 indexed pages, softcover. Grades 3-6.

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