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50 States: New York


First settled by the Dutch in 1624, New York achieved statehood on July 26, 1788.  The colony of New Amsterdam was renamed New York by the British in 1664 in honor of the Duke of York.  One of the 13 original colonies, NY (postal abbreviation) became the nation's 11th state.  It is the 27th largest state and has a population of more than 19.5 million people, nearly half of the population living in New York City alone.  NYC is the biggest city in the state and was once the capital city of the U.S., but the capital of New York is Albany, named after the Duke of Albany.

Folks who live here are called New Yorkers. lists almost 900 famous/infamous people being born here. If the list didn't include crime bosses and criminals, there might only be 700 or so.  Since there are so many, I have only listed some of the more noteworthy such as Presidents Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  There have been sports stars, actors/actresses, fashion designers, singers, authors, models, activists, musicians, playwrights, and poets.  Edwin Armstrong invented circuits for the FM radio.  John Jacob Astor IV built the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and died in the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. Three of the Baldwin brothers—Alec, Billy, and Stephen—are all actors. Lucille Ball was a very funny woman famous for her "I Love Lucy" show.  Joseph Barbera, the other half of Hanna-Barbera, co-created the Flintstones, The Jetsons, and Scooby-Doo.  Frank Baum wrote the Wizard of Oz.  Clarence Birdseye invented the process of flash freezing.  Think about all of the foods in the freezer section of the grocery store that are flash frozen to retain their freshness.  Amelia Bloomer was a women's rights activitist; "Bloomers" are named after her.  Famous actors like Humphrey Bogart; James Cagney; and Robert Downey, Jr., who plays Iron Man were born here.  Cab Calloway, Al Capone, Dick Clark, composer Aaron Copland,  and George Eastman who invented the Kodak camera once called New York home.  Barbara Bush is the wife of President George H.W. Bush.  Annie Edson Taylor was the first person to ride Niagara Falls in a barrel. Melvil Dewey created the Dewey Decimal System used in libraries.  Henry M. Flagler took his money to Florida and built hospitals, colleges, etc.  Chef Bobby Flay, baseball great Lou Gehrig, and brothers George and Ira Gershwin came from New York. Alex Haley wrote Roots which was made into a miniseries for television.  Marvin Hamlisch and Oscar Hammerstein II are famous for their music.  Edward Hopper and Norman Rockwell were famous artists. Washington Irving, J.D. Salinger, Herman Melville, Walt Whitman, Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are)and E.B. White were famous authors.  Emma Lazarus wrote the poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.  Jonas Salk discovered a vaccine to eradicate polio.  Isaac Singer invented the sewing machine.  Louis Tiffany created beautiful glass lamps.  Julia Ward Howe wrote the Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Other famous New-York-born people are John Jay, Michael Jordan, The Marx Brothers, Billy the Kid,  John D. Rockefeller,  Sojourner Truth, George Westinghouse, and Mark Zuckerberg (co-founder of Facebook).

As the list of famous people born in New York seems endless, so does the list of places to visit.  New York City has the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island (12 million immigrants in 62 years), Empire State Building, Broadway, Guggenheim Museum, New York Stock Exchange, United Nations, World Trade Center site, and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  There are the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, Niagara Falls, the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Thousand Islands, amusement parks, zoos, national parks, ski resorts, and festivals year round.

New York City has been a popular place for movie producers.  Some movies filmed here include King Kong, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Gangs of New York, Miracle on 34th Street, West Side Story, Wall Street, Saturday Night Fever, Superman, The Bourne Ultimatum, Spider-Man, Wall-E, The French Connection, Kate and Leopold, Planet of the Apes, The Day After Tomorrow, The Avengers, and Ghostbusters.

It is easy to see some of the things that make up New York's economy—finance, tourism, communications, publishing, and fashion—but international trade and fruit and dairy farming also contribute greatly. 

New York's nickname is The Empire State, and the motto is "Excelsior" which means ever upwards.  The state bird is the eastern bluebird, and the mammal is the beaver.  The nine-spotted ladybug is the state insect, and the brook trout is the state fish.  The bay scallop is the shell.  The state flower is the rose, and the sugar maple is the state tree.  The apple, introduced by European settlers in the 1600s, is the state fruit.

The flag was adopted in 1901.  The goddesses Liberty and Justice stand on opposite sides of a shield which shows the sun rising over the Hudson highlands and on top of a ribbon with the state motto, Excelsior, written on it.  At the base of Liberty's feet is a crown which represents freedom from Britain.  An eagle sits atop a globe.

Play some learning games to test your knowledge of New York.

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