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Knowledge Quest - Sacagawea Review

 photo 61867_10151551915578243_1408297526_n_zpsc18fa83b.png Knowledge Quest is well known for their outstanding maps that tie into history.  I have used a number of these in the past.  What is not well known, at least not to me, is that they also have a lot of resources for learning about history that don't include maps.  One such resource is The Complete Sacagawea Saga e-Book.  This e-book is actually four books written by Karla Akins combined into one volume.  The four individual volumes are entitled, Stolen, Passage, Survival, and Equal.

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I read this book aloud with my daughter.  Because we have learned quite a bit about Sacagawea during her homeschooling years, she was not thrilled to be learning about her again.  I, however, really liked this book.  It provides a perspective of her life that I'd never heard before.  To me, she was simply the female Native American with a son she carried around with her while she helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition.  Not much else had been taught about her beyond that from the many resources I'd used in the past.

Even though this book was historical fiction (specific conversations couldn't be known), it painted quite a picture of what life was probably like for Sacagawea, from having been kidnapped to work as a slave, to being sold to be a wife, to finding a purpose in helping Lewis and Clark.  This book has helped to make her more of a real person to me than just a character from history.

At just $3.99 for the complete saga, it is an extremely affordable addition to any homeschool library.  I wish I had had this when we first learned about Sacagawea.  It would have added such a depth to the story of Lewis and Clark.  I didn't feel there was anything in the book that needed to be passed over based on my daughter's age.  Ms. Akins tactfully discusses the parts of Sacagawea's life that were (I would think) traumatic to her such as her being sold to Charbonneau to be a wife and then becoming pregnant with her son.  I did not have to explain anything beyond what was in the story, nor did I have to worry that I'd be reading something inappropriate.

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