Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Florida Alphabet

Since we have been here in Florida for almost 9 months, I thought I'd have a little fun with my blog and list 26 things I have discovered or enjoy about Florida, following the alphabet...

A is for Alligator Farm in St. Augustine.
B is for Borillo's Pizza - the owner has Steelers paraphernalia all over the walls of the restaurant.
C is for Cocoa - the name of our puppy we got in September.
D is for Disney World - only two hours away!!!!!!!!!!
E is for EverBank Field - where the Jaguars play.
F is for First Lego League - Jake's team made it to Regionals.
G is for Go Fish - the store where I work in downtown St. Augustine.
H is for hurricanes - never really had to worry about them before moving down here.
I is for I-95 - the main highway that runs North and South through Florida.
J is for Jacksonville - the city where John works.
K is for Kilwin's - a local ice cream shop.
L is for Lions - the Bridge of Lions - connects St Augustine to Anastasia Island over a beautiful bay.
M is for Mandarin Christian Homeschoolers - the co-op we attend on Friday mornings.
N is for Navarre Beach Sand Sculpting Competition - drove 6 hours to camp with friends and see sand.
O is for Outlets - there are two different outlet malls just five miles away.
P is for Publix - the closest grocery store - they have the best spinach artichoke dip.  :-)
Q is for Quaint Old St. Augustine - I love the stores, the forts, the history, the tourist traps, all of it.
R is for Ribault Club - an destination of the rich and famous in the early 1900s, now part of a state park.
S is for St. George Street - the pedestrian-only street full of shops in Old St. Augustine.
T is for Turning Point Christmas Lights.
U is for UCF - where Jake had his Lego League competition.
V is for Virtual Charter School - Jake is taking his driver's ed course through FVCS.
W is for Winn-Dixie - the grocery store that closely resembles Giant Eagle and gives $ off gas.
X is for Ximenez-Fatio House - historic attraction in Old St. Augustine - never visited but filled the "x" spot.
Y is for Yogurt Co. - the first self-serve yogurt shop we'd ever been to.
Z is for Zebra Longwing - Florida's state butterfly - it'd be a good one for Steelers Country.

I hope you enjoyed a little taste of our adventures.

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