Saturday, May 26, 2012

Am I Missing Something?

I have wondered lately if a new version of the Driver's Handbook has come out recently and I missed it.  I was still under the impression that a construction zone called for a slower speed limit.  I do my best to follow the speed limit in a construction zone because I don't want to get a double fine.  Everybody else passes me, though.  They even cross the solid white line to get away from me.  Men are working behind the jersey barriers.  Does this give us the right to speed through the zone?  Am I the only one who didn't read the revised version of the rules of the road?

I also missed the parking rules when related to purchasing movies from Redbox locations.  Was it in the fine print when I signed up for Redbox.  "If you are purchasing from a Redbox, you are given permission to park catawampus in a parking lot and ignore the painted lines designating actual parking spaces.  Those spaces are for the consumers of the store where the Redboxes are located, not you the Redbox consumer."  Has anybody else read this?  Am I missing something?

Oh, yeah, then there's the rule that says if your car is shiny and you view it as the vehicle that makes you THE MAN, you can take up two parking spaces.  Seriously, what if everybody did that?  What goes through a person's mind to take up two spaces.  Do they think their car is so much more special than everyone else's or is it a phobia, closecaraphobia?  Am I missing something?

Now, I know when I took my driver's test 25 years ago the rule was that if a sign said, "No Turn on Red," you didn't turn right on red.  Does the rule not apply to people who can't read?  If you can't read, should you be driving?  I am only assuming that is the case for all those people who actually turn right on red when there is a sign.  And what's up with the people who don't turn right on red when you can?  Are they the ones who turn right on red when there is a sign not to?  Do they lack something in reading comprehension?  Have the rules changed in the last 25 years, and they are just that slow to take the signs down?  Am I missing something?

Granted, I am not the perfect driver.  I don't pretend to be, but there are certain things I just won't do.  I believe in using turn signals even when people aren't around to see.  I believe in doing 25 through neighborhoods where the posted speed is 25 mph.  I like to move over a lane, if I can, to let people enter the highway. Just let me know, am I missing something?


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