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PhotobucketScience is a favorite subject at our house.  We love to do science experiments, even though most of them fail.  :-(

We had the opportunity to review the Amazing Science! Volume 1 DVD which is loaded with experiments.  As soon as we started watching it, the kids wanted to try the experiments.  They are all simple enough that they work!  The instruction provided by Jason Gibson is very clear.  After explaining how to carry out the experiment, he then explains the science behind it.  I have loved the experiments so much that I have told many of my friends about them.  We especially liked the color changing milk, and the kids really want to try the dry ice bubbles; but I haven't gotten to the store to buy the dry ice.  Mr. Gibson said that dry ice can be bought at the grocery store, which was a surprise to me.  The fact that he lets us know where we can get certain materials that aren't a normal part of our shopping list is also a nice feature.

One of the other experiments is the egg in a bottle experiment which is a pretty well-known experiment where lit matches are placed inside a bottle and the egg then falls into the bottle.  Other ones are "Build a Lemon Battery," ""Candle Suction Power," "Lift an Ice Cube with String," "Matchstick Speedboat," and "Balloon in a Candle Flame."  There are a total of 23 experiments in this 2-video set.

I especially like the fact that Jason Gibson does not speak down to the people who watch his videos, nor does he speak above what people can understand.  He has "advanced degrees in Engineering and Physics, worked as a Rocket Scientist for NASA, and has passion for teaching Science and Math."  With that type of education and, what I would consider, genius brain, you might think his teaching would be beyond the common person's comprehension, but he does a WONDERFUL job.  Listening to the way he explains things, you are able to sense his excitement for science.  It is contagious, which is part of the reason why my kids wanted to do the experiments so quickly after watching them.  I know, too, that they will remember the science behind why the experiment works.  Thank you, Mr. Gibson!!

The list price for this 2-disc DVD set is $24.95, but it is for sale at ScienceAndMath.com for $19.95.  It can also be downloaded instantly for just $17.99.  ScienceAndMath.com also has several math tutor DVDs available such as Basic Math, Algebra 1 and 2, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus.  They are multiple DVD sets with hours of explanation in each math subject.  They also have chemistry and physics tutoring DVDs available.  All DVDs are available as a bundle you can receive for 30% off the list price.  So, instead of $466.00, the cost is only $325.00.

Because of the quality of the Amazing Science! videos, I am seriously considering purchasing one or more of the math DVDs for my kids to help them through basic math and algebra.  I expect the explanation of those concepts to be presented as well as the science concepts for each of the science experiments.

ScienceAndMath.com can be reached by going to their Contact Page and entering your information and your question.  They can also be reached by calling their toll-free number:  1-877-MATH-DVD.  Their address is ScienceAndMath.com, PO Box 1165, Seabrook, TX, 77586.  If you choose to contact them by email, their address is jason.gibson@ScienceAndMath.com.

DISCLAIMER:  I received this product free of charge in order to provide an unbiased review.

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