Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time Flies...Sometimes

I have neglected my blog for over a month.  Last week I thought to myself, "I really need to get blogging.  It's been over a week."  Imagine my surprise when I realized it had been almost a month.  I have no idea where the time went.  Since last week, I have thought every day, "I need to blog.  I need to blog."  Something always seems to get in the way, however.  It's either a box that needs packing or a can of paint that needs to be used.   In an effort to prepare our house so we can sell it, there seems to always be something that needs done.  I wonder how we were able to ignore all these things that need fixed all these years.  If someone wants a house that is move-in condition, they ought to just take it the way it is, right?  I guess they don't want it lived-in condition.

We have been trying to move since right after Thanksgiving.  John has applied to many jobs in Florida with the search now going to North Carolina.  He grew up thinking he'd move to NC since he spent some summers there and loved it.  He is simply opening us up to God's direction.  We are still holding out for Florida, but we don't want to put God in a box.  We are waiting to hear from a company in Jacksonville about when he'll go down for his third interview.  We are hoping to hear this week.  This is the part that seems to be dragging despite the fact that the rest of life seems to be flying by.

I can see God's wisdom in that, though.  First of all, it causes us to trust Him.  John has gotten a little discouraged because he hasn't gotten a job yet, but I say, "God is in control.  He knows what he wants you to do."  My faith has been strengthened through this process.  I usually am a person that wants something to happen right away and, while I would love a confirmation of this grand adventure, I am glad that He is giving us the time to get things done around here and also have more time with our friends.

Once John gets an offer that he accepts, our house will go on the market.  I have painted 5 rooms so far and have 4 more left.  We have odds and ends to fix or replace.  This takes time.  I think our house will sell quickly.  If it does, that may allow us all to go South together instead of having to be separated for any length of time.  I can see God's wisdom through it all.  I can see how He has orchestrated everything since last April.  I am thrilled to be a part of the symphony.  I look forward to hearing more of the music.

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