Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unfolding for No Reason

I haven't written for two days, so I felt like I should write something.  Hopefully I'll write something meaningful tonight.

Last night I watched storm clouds merge from 3 directions and start to spin in the sky behind my house.  I was seconds away from telling my kids to get into the basement.  I was scared.  I always thought it'd be neat to see a tornado (from a great distance), but if there would have been one there where I saw the spiraling it would have dropped in my backyard.  That's too close!  Nathan, my 11-year-old son, started praying, and the clouds moved on and the sky brightened some.  It is always amazing to me to watch the faith of my children.  Guess that's why Jesus tells us in the Bible to have faith like little children.  They don't come to God with baggage.  It's just them and God.  I surely could learn a lesson here.

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