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Doorposts: Because You Are Strong - A Review

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Doorposts is a company that strives to help parents who want to raise their children with a "deliberately Christian upbringing" by providing Bible studies, character training resources, books for moms, books for dads, and Bible-based toys, among other items.  Because You Are Strong is a Bible study (and so much more) that boys 12 years old and up can read and write in.  The regular price is $14.00, but it is on sale for $12.00 at the present time.

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This study is subtitled, "A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men," and includes chapters on Hebrews 11 and 12, the omnipotence of God, wisdom, temptation, being valiant, our weakness, battle, serving others, "Gray Heads," and faith.  The studies are divided into daily readings and activities and should take 15 weeks if a study is done every day.  The book can also be used with girls as spiritual strength is important for them as well.  There are alternate questions throughout the book which are marked for girls to answer.

This Bible study is different from any others I have seen.  It doesn't teach just one Bible study method but several.  It introduces the reader to different methods and the tools that can be used for each: simple meditation, a topical study, a character study, a word study, a verse study, a chapter study, character plus topical, and a book study.  The steps are outlined at the beginning of the chapter, and each day's activity allows the reader to practice a step in the process.

In the margins are gray boxes that provide further explanation.  Some of the boxes discuss apps that help with Bible memory, online Bible programs, different types of Bibles that can be used in studying Scripture, concordances, Bible dictionaries, Bible maps, tips for looking up original Greek or Hebrew words and their meanings, online commentaries, parallel Bibles, and sermons on audio.  Some of the boxes define various words, and some give further study activities.

As Nate started working through this, he didn't read the information in the gray boxes.  It just seemed like "optional" reading to him, so I made sure he knew that it was a big part of the Bible study.  He also is not one to spend a long time thinking about something.  He is very matter of fact, so the questions that asked him to observe were hard for him to answer, especially since he was given an overabundance of space in which to write his answer.

There is a great deal of valuable information contained in this study.  The chapter that does a word study works great for Nate because it is to the point.  The references like Strong's concordance are a bit difficult for him to figure out, but good instructions are provided.

Perhaps, though, there is too much information.  I would rather see two or three study methods at the most or a shorter study using just one.  Nate is extremely intelligent, but I'm not sure he'd retain all the details for all the different methods.  He'd choose one and stick to it, probably the easiest, but if he were to, say, do a three-week word study on several words, he might find that he likes it more than the easiest method.  There is value in all methods, and some of them can be done at the same time like a word study during a book study.

When I asked Nate what he thought of this study, he said, "It was kind of dull.  I didn't like the questions it asked, and I felt like it repeated itself a lot."  Based on the small amount of writing that was in the book, I didn't expect a great response from him.  I would say for Nate, this wasn't the best Bible study.  We'll keep looking.

Be sure to check out the other products that Doorposts sells and their freebies as well.  You can also request a catalog.


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