Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A+ TutorSoft Giveaway and New Website

Back in February, I reviewed this company's math program.  Read part of my review below.  Since February, A+ Tutor Soft has been busy creating a new website, and they are having a Facebook party to launch it on Friday, August 16, at 8:00 p.m. ET.  They will be giving away a Kindle Fire loaded with 8 different A+ interactive math eBooks, as well as many other prizes during their party.  The program can be accessed by either full curriculum eBooks or an online subscription.  There are three online subscriptions available: $12 monthly, $30 quarterly, and $99.99 annually.

Use the coupon code UNFOLDING to receive 20% off all software on their website.

Check out A+ Homeschool for more information and to register for the Kindle Fire giveaway (from now until the Facebook party).

An excerpt from my review:

Once enrolled, my daughter did a lesson or two a day four days a week. She worked through the program from "number sense review" to "fractions." She also did some work with time and money, skipping algebra and geometry. Clicking on the plus sign beside a topic on the left hand side of the screen, the student can see lessons. Once a lesson is clicked, it shows up in the screen on the right. A female voice reads everything that shows up on the screen. She reads slowly. My daughter didn't like the voice and usually muted it and read the problems to herself. When the practice problems come up, as soon as an answer is chosen, a window pops up with a character in it letting the student know the answer is right or wrong. There is no "submit" button, no second chance.

There are online worksheets, which my daughter did. They show up one problem at a time, and the score is recorded automatically so that I can chart her progress. A cumulative grade report can be printed out. There are also printable worksheets and exams included in the online version. My daughter says she didn't like the program, but she doesn't like math; so I'm not sure there would be a math program created that she does like. I, however, liked the fact that she could be taught how to do each type of problem and then practice it before doing worksheets or taking an exam. I would like it if she had to hit a "submit" button before entering her answers on the practice problems so that she wouldn't be frustrated or discouraged when it marks her answer wrong. She did have to hit a button to enter her answer on the online worksheets.

DISCLAIMER: I am an affiliate with A+ TutorSoft, Inc., so I will receive a commission if you purchase a product through my affiliate link.

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