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Ed Douglas Publications (25 Truths) Review

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Ed Douglas Publications has published a book of life principles that all of us should follow: 25 Truths.  This is the book we received to review.  
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The chapters are only a few pages long and discuss such things as protecting your reputation, watching what you say, being slow to judge, being quick to apologize, the importance of practicing, setting goals, exercising, believing, etc.  There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

I would sit down with my kids and read a chapter or two at a time and then ask them the questions.  The first question in each chapter is the same, "Do you think this is an important truth?  Why or why not?"  Of course, each time my kids said that they thought it was important and reiterated something they had heard from the book.

The truths shared in this book are vitally important, and I was able to go back to some of them through different things that occurred in our lives since reading them, like guarding your reputation.  My daughter took hold of the idea of "cashing in a chit."  (What is that?  Read it and find out.)  There was something that happened after reading about it, and she had said something to the effect of wishing she had had a chit she could have used.  Also, since my kids are in the teenage years, the chapter on watching what you say has been very important.  I have one son who is a negative thinker, so the chapter on having a positive outlook is a good one for him to read and re-read.  After going through the truths, we have been able to talk about how they go hand in hand; they don't always stand alone.  For instance, if you have maintained a good reputation, then people won't believe you said something bad that goes against your nature or seeing the glass as half full will help you to make every day your best day.

I feel the questions could be deeper and generate more reflection, perhaps have some Scripture included.  However, this book shouldn't just be for Christians.  All people, especially all teenagers, should read this book.  They truly are life principles.  I don't think a lot of kids are taught these things today; they at least aren't stressed, so this should be mandatory reading before graduating.  Through Mr. Douglas' own personal stories, we are able to see how these truths play out in the real world.  The story about how his small town maintained a positive outlook and, so, was able to raise enough money to build a YMCA even though they were told it couldn't be done in such a small town is one such story.

This book will be an invaluable tool in our home.  Reading and re-reading these stories as the years go by will be helpful and will reinforce these life principles.  At just $12.50, the benefits gained from reading it with your family will most definitely outweigh the cost.

The chapters in the book are as follows:
1.  Protect Your Reputation
2.  Don't Be Lewd, Crude, and Rude
3.  Watch What You Say, Do, and Write
4.  Be Slow to Judge
5.  Tell the Truth
6.  Don't Talk Negatively About Others
7.  Don't Hate - Instead, Forgive
8.  Be Quick to Apologize
9.  Remember, Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
10.  Utilize Compound Interest: The Eighth Wonder of the World
11.  Take It One Step at a Time
12.  Learn What Brings True Happiness
13.  Make Every Day Your Best Day
14.  See the Glass as Half Full
15.  Never Surrender
16.  Practice - It Makes Perfect
17.  Play to Win
18.  Set Goals and Write Them Down
19.  Exercise, Exercise, Exercise
20.  Make a Difference in the World
21.  Get as Much Education as Possible
22.  Give and It will Come Back to You
23.  You've Gotta Believe
24.  Commit to Love One Person Forever
25.  Spend Time with Your Family
BONUS: All You Need is Love

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