Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Case of the Missing Keys

    A little over two weeks ago, I realized that I had lost my mail key.  It was on my key chain with my car and house keys by a smaller cheap key ring.  It fell off somewhere, but I didn't have any idea where.  The loss of my key was cause for concern, on my part, that somebody might be able to steal my mail, but I believed that it would eventually show up.

    While sharing prayer requests at Bible study two weeks ago, I asked for prayer that my mail key would show up.  Amanda shared that she had lost her car key.  This is a key of greater concern, not just because someone could steal your car but because those remote keys are more than $100 to replace.  Jenn shared that she had lost her mail key as well.  I told them I firmly believed they'd just show up.  Things like that happen all the time.

    On Monday at Bible study, Amanda told me that she had thought about me the day before.  She shared the story of how she had gone for a bike ride with her family and, upon arriving back home, took the keys she had taken with her back on the key rack.  She noticed that there was another set of keys hanging there - her keys she had lost.  She asked her husband where he had found them, but he denied ever finding them.  They were just there.

    That evening, I asked Jenn if she had found her mail key.  Sure enough, her husband had found it buried somewhere in their van.  Now it was my turn.  I still believed it would turn up somewhere but was okay if didn't.

    Today, Paige wanted to go play outside.  I told her we could go to the park at the amenities center when I was done making pizza dough (my first attempt at being frugal).  The first game we played was a little like jai alai, a wiffle ball and scoops.  Since I have recently started looking for change everywhere I go, I was spending a lot of time looking at the ground as I retrieved the ball.  (Thankfully, I wasn't very good at catching it.)  Once when I bent over to pick up the ball, I noticed something above the toes of my left foot - my mail key.  The cheap key ring was rusted, but the key was intact.  

    Paige and I had been to the park two and a half weeks ago for a birthday party.  It fell off my key chain then without me noticing.  Within that time, the field had been mowed, three days of torrential rainfall and tornado warnings had occurred, countless people had used the field for their own recreation, but there it was - my mail key.  The kids were so excited to go to the mailbox and make sure it was ours.  Sure enough, it was!

    I love having faith that things will work out.  I love watching God work in the big and little things.  My key is securely on my key ring now.  I am no longer using that cheap key ring.  I can't wait for the next opportunity to have great faith and share it.

Just Believe!!!

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