Saturday, September 10, 2011

A New Opportunity

A friend of mine approached me with the opportunity to join her company, Arbonne.  This is a company that produces and sells botanically based health and wellness products.  They are vegan certified (no animal by-products and not tested on animals) and are not made from any of the harsh chemicals or artificial anything that other products are made with.  I researched the company for a few days before making a decision.  The prospect of being able to quit my current job at some point in, hopefully, the near future was the selling point.  Besides, I love people and would enjoy being able to be around them more than I get to by sitting in front of a computer 39+ hours a week.  Also, I am looking forward to the opportunity to be able to spend more time with my kids.  I am thankful that I have been able to be home with them AND work all these years, but I want to be able to be in the same room with them and not be so busy with work that I don't have them time for them except a quick question here and there.

I will post more about Arbonne in future blog postings but, for now, the website is  If you  are interested in purchasing anything, you will need to use my consultant ID of 19475405.

If you are interested in hosting a party with 5 or 6 friends, let me know.  I would love to put one on my calendar for you!

God bless!

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