Friday, August 26, 2011

Are Beetles Worth $5.8 Million?

I was wondering what I would blog about next.  Sometimes I am at a loss as to what to write.  Well, this morning I was given a topic by a friend on Facebook.  He posted an article about the government giving $5.8 million to four states to protect endangered beetles.  See it here:

I posted that that money could be well spent on the homeless and the hungry.  My friend posted that it was given simply to get the votes of the environmentalists.  Someone else chimed in and said that $5.8 million was 1% of the budget for the homeless and hungry and that the two of us must not be Christians.  I was confused by this post and asked him why he said that.  His response was, "Because you don't are about God's creation."  REALLY??

My post to him before I hid the conversation because I couldn't take the ludicrousness of his line of thinking was, "I love God's creation, but I love people more than beetles; and I'm pretty sure God does, too, since he made man in his own image and died for him on the cross."

I guess I should say that I appreciate the banter this morning.  I needed something to wake me up while I worked.  I'm not sure I'll ever be able to shake the thought that I might not be a Christian because I don't think beetles deserve 5.8 million dollars.  May God forgive me.  ;-)

In a time when millions are hungry and homeless for whatever reason, probably a lot because of the current state of our economy, is it really necessary to give almost $6 million dollars to beetles?  Aren't people worth so much more than a bug that can be squashed?  Should we start counting how many ants are left?  I'm pretty sure I stepped on a couple on the way to my car yesterday, but I didn't do it on purpose!!!  What about flies?  I have a fly swatter for the express purpose of killing flies who unlawfully enter my house.  What does that say about me?  I best cancel my Orkin service.  I am actually paying people to kill bugs that enter my home.  Oh, no!!

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  1. Wow I hadn't heard about this, crazy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, it meant alot. Thanks for being real and transparent :)