Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reading about a Rebellion

I'm reading a great book about a rebellion.  So many things that are said in this book could easily relate to our country today.  The main characters are lawyers and politicians, doctors and farmers, and small businessmen.  There are also trained soldiers and a king.  There is so much pride on the part of the king.  He thinks he can squash the rebellion.  He believes his soldiers are so much better equipped in war than the people they are fighting.  He doesn't understand that when people unite for a common cause, especially when God goes before them, they can accomplish anything.  When we are fighting for something that is right, when we use our voice, when we take action, we can succeed.  This book I am reading is called, Rise to Rebellion, by Jeff Shaara.

Shaara is a master in the history of the American Revolution and in imagery as he writes.  You feel like you are there in each scene he portrays, like when Ben Franklin is pacing around in his room to get much needed exercise or when the Boston Massacre takes place.  He details things so vividly you can't help but get totally engrossed in this book.

If you enjoying reading about history and haven't read this one yet, I HIGHLY recommend it.  I have a friend who got the audio book of it and loved it.  He's now reading The Glorious Cause, also by Shaara.

I can't help but be thankful, during this July 4th weekend, for those who fought so valiantly for our independence over 200 years ago and for those who have fought in all wars between then and now and who continue to protect us as a country and fight to keep us free.  THANK YOU.

Here's a link to the book on Amazon IF you are interested.

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