Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Privilege of Teaching

After we dropped our kids off at camp on Sunday, my husband and I stopped at Barnes and Noble so he could find a book that would help him improve his leadership skills.  While there, I perused the bargain book section.  I don't think I ever look at any other section in that store to be honest with you.  As I walked from aisle to aisle, I noticed a photography book for $9.98.  It was a guide to learning about photography.  It was a thick book with a lot of pictures, but it also had a lot of instruction in it.  It talked about types of cameras, the parts of a camera, and every subject related to taking pictures you can think of.

I realized that I hadn't formally decided what we were going to do for art class this year.  Last year we studied architecture; the year before we studied modern artists like Mondrian and Chagall.  We touched on Ansel Adams but didn't talk in detail about photography.  I decided to buy the book and use it for our "curriculum."

On the way home, I was reminded of the incredible privilege I have been given to teach my kids and to teach friends' children at our co-op and at 4H.  There are countless topics in every subject to teach on.  I sometimes try to find topics that haven't been discussed by me or anyone else yet such as architecture or cheesecake baking, etc.  I like the idea of exposing kids to new things, things they wouldn't have thought of learning about or things perhaps their parents don't want to teach.  It provides the opportunity for them to find something they love to learn about or do with their hands.  I would be honored beyond belief if just one child came to me when they got older and said, "Remember when you taught that class years ago?  That's what I want to go to college to learn how to do."  It may never happen, but I know I am doing what God wants me to do simply due to the shear pleasure I get from teaching.

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