Saturday, May 28, 2011

Unfolding a New Job?

I think I may have figured out a way to sell some of my things that is better than

I keep putting stuff on eBay, but no one is bidding on anything I put on there.  I put some books on as well.  I remembered that when I go to Amazon to buy something I always see used items people are trying to sell.  I decided to try it myself.  I put on a KitchenAid food grinder attachment.  Within the first 3 days, it sold.  I put a kids' orchestra book on a little later.  It sold yesterday.

It is a bit easier to sell on Amazon than it is on eBay.  To get started, open up an account. Click the "Your Account" tab on the top right.  On the right hand side is a box that says, "Your Other Accounts" and then "Your Seller Account."  When you first open a seller's account, you enter your information and then they call you.  During the phone call, you enter a PIN number they have displayed on your computer screen.  You also enter your checking account information so that they can direct deposit your earnings into your account.

Now, if I am selling a book, all I have to do is type in the ISBN. It loads all the information about the book for the buyer.  I simply need to detail the condition of the book and what I am charging.  Once it sells, I have to package it and mail it, but I don't have to take any pictures and I don't have to figure out shipping.  They charge a flat rate to the buyer depending on the type of product.

If I am selling something besides a book, I find that item on Amazon and then enter the condition and price, etc.  It is truly that simple.  If someone buys your item, you get an email from the Amazon Marketplace with notification that it sold and instructions about shipping and notifying the seller that the item has shipped.

I had no transcription work this morning, probably because of the holiday, so I think I'll take advantage of this free time and get to work on my new job.  I've got lots of stuff I can sell!!

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