Monday, May 23, 2011

Unfolding eBay

About 10 years ago, I started selling things on eBay.  I did that for about 4 years and then quit.  Just recently, I started it back up as a way to try and make some extra cash.  I have a lot of things sitting around not being used.  If I can sell them to someone who can use them, then it declutters my house and makes it easier to move next year, if we actually do.  I am also selling items for a friend of mine.  I love doing the research to find out what things are, like when she gives me figurines, and how much they are worth.  I don't mind taking the pictures and writing up a description of the item.  I don't even mind packing things up and taking them to the post office.  What drives me nuts, however, is waiting for someone to actually bid on something I'm trying to sell.  I become obsessed with the F5 button to refresh the page of items I'm selling.

Now, I know, some things I'm trying to sell nobody wants to buy.  Thankfully for most things there is no listing fee.  If it doesn't sell, I don't lose anything.  When somebody does finally bid, though, it is so exciting to see how high it might go.  Just this weekend, I had a Lladro donkey figurine on that sold for $52.79.  It went up $21 in just one night.  It's addicting.  I'd rather do eBay than play video games or all those other games on Facebook or on my phone like "Angry Birds."  To each his own, I guess.

If you have some things you'd like to try to sell but don't want to do eBay, I'm open for business (for a small percentage).  ;-)

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