Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unfolding a Garden

We are moving!!  Sometime...maybe next year around this time...hopefully.  I have an issue with being decisive.  How about this?  We want to move next year around this time.  We met with Sherry Tom on Tuesday night who is a Century 21 agent and friend of ours to see how much our house is worth and find out what we have to do to get our current house ready to sell.  We have to paint most of the interior of the house and mulch the backyard.  Mulch is the preferred covering since grass doesn't grow in our backyard.  I guess if we hadn't dug down 12 feet so that our yard would be flat we might be able to grow grass back there.  It's doubtful, since we have trouble keeping it alive in our front yard.  We just don't have the green thumb that our neighbors have.  Hey, but we have a pool!  Hopefully that'll be a selling point.

Why are we moving you ask?  We want to buy a small farm, a farmette.  Why a farmette?  I would like to have a huge garden to grow all the things I love to eat.  You may have noticed the contradiction - I don't have a green thumb, but I want to grow a garden.  Did you read my blog when I talked about how I'm a visionary?  This is probably another case in point.  I think once I got it started and scheduled the time to get out into it to plant and weed and water, etc., I could be good at it, though.  Once I saw the fruits, or vegetables, of my labor, I'd get excited and want to do it the next year.

We also would like more land than the 0.2 acres we have now.  Why?  I don't really know.  Paige wants a horse.  She is a visionary, too!!  LOL!   That horse will probably never materialize.  The kids all want a dog, but I don't like cleaning up dog poop.  They say they'll do it.  We all know how long that will last.  Maybe if we get enough land, the dog can do what he needs to do at the back end of the property, no pun intended, and it won't need cleaned as often.  We came from 2 acres, but it was a bowl of unusable land.  We will be looking for something relatively flat.

I will post my progress of readying this house.  It should be interesting to watch what happens from the first stages of painting to the packing to the sign going in the front yard to finding the house we want and then the move.  I'm glad we have a year.  This is probably the best planning we've ever done in our almost 17 years of marriage.

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